The NICDSign is a cross-platform, browser independent solution for digital signature using PKCS#11 tokens. The NICDSign is a client based solution where the DSC capabilities are installed in the client machine as a background service. The NICDSign solution overcomes the problem of applet based DSC solutions due to the lack of browser support. The support for applets is withdrawn from major browsers and Oracle is planning to deprecate Java browser plugins starting JDK9. The signing of data is carried at the client side and the verification of signature is carried out in the server side. The solution is also cable of signing PDF files with visible signature stamping in the document. NICDSign solution is supported in all the major operating systems viz Windows, Linux and macOS. The solution can be integrated by applications developed in Java, PHP and .NET etc.

Key Features

Browser independent and plug-in free solution for digital signature
Supported by all major client operating systems like Windows, Linux and macOS.
Support data, pdf and xml signing.
The signature is generated in PKCS#7 Cryptographic Messaging Standard, the signature is interoperable across various applications.
Can be easily integrated with any applications irrespective of the technology used for development
Supported by all major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.
Certificate Revocation List check may be done using daily updated CRL files while registering certificates and during the signing process.
Supports auto token detection and configuration of digital signature certificate tokens on signing attempt.
Support data signing with https request to enable the application hosted on https to invoke the services of the NICDSign client.
Provision to position digital signature stamping in the last page of the document
Provision for wet ink signature placement last page or all pages.
Provision to sign using server time for PDF signing.
Provision for time stamping PDF using trusted Time Stamping Authority(TSA)